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Camp Information

2019 GoldStar Summer Prospect Camp

After a highly successful Fall Camp, GoldStar Elite Events is excited to announce the Summer Prospect Camp!

The camp will begin on Friday before the Showcase games begin. Look for the camp registration to open soon!

Coaches from the following Division I programs have committed to be in attendance to provide on-field instruction:

Auburn University (UA)
Florida State University (FSU)
Louisiana State University (LSU)

University of South Florida (USF)
University of Central Florida (UCF)
Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU)

Florida Atlantic University (FAU)
Jacksonville University (JU)
University of South Alabama (USA)

University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)


More to come...


Exposure. Opportunity. Evaluation. Instruction. Guidance. 

Exposure - maximized with our 10 to 1 Player to Coach ratio! 
Opportunity - to perform and interact with top-level Division 1 coaches during drill work.
Evaluation - by Division 1 coaches at each station of camp.
Instruction- by Division 1 coaches in high-level aspects of the game.
Guidance - Seminar on new NCAA Recruiting Guidelines. 

Space will be limited for this unique event! Come out and show these coaches what you have to offer during this incredible opportunity!

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